Our Story

It is no secret that high-end cosmetics and skincare brands are often victims of the ills of counterfeit, with knockoffs available in local markets and even online. In Pakistan, it is nearly impossible to get the original and fresh cosmetics and skincare products with the best customer service. Being a makeup junkie myself, I always love to buy new skincare and cosmetic products, however, like everyone else, I also struggled a lot in getting the original product in a good price. Even if I get one, unsatisfactory customer service and overall shopping experience ticked me off. This is what made us realize that there should be an e-commerce store where an individual gets the original high-end brands in a reasonable price without constant worry. In February 2020, we launched ‘The Cosmopolis’ with a goal to give the best shopping experience to the customers. Till date, we have sold numerous skincare and cosmetics products and made thousands of customers happy.

With all the variety and choice of leading beauty brands at your fingertips, you’re free to browse hundreds of cosmetics and skincare products whenever you want. The Cosmopolis is the perfect way to top up your shopping experience without a single burden. Our vision is to become the leading beauty e-commerce store in Pakistan which gives the best customer service and original products in every corner of the country. We promise to work hard to give you the best customer service and deliver your favorite products at the best prices, with exclusive free gifts and incredible discounts.

 Our goal is really to evolve the mainstream conception of beauty while creating a space for people to express themselves authentically. We aim to give an individuality, total empowerment and freedom to be you, without any judgment. We are all about experiment and expressing yourself. To be bold, brave and embrace life as an incredible journey it is so we ensure that everyone has an equal chance to discover and experience all the best things they are capable of - no matter who they are. We are working to provide you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.  

We strongly believe that skincare and cosmetic is not gender specific. We encourage both male and female to buy our products. We discard the customary notions because our whole belief is that gender is more of a constellation than an extreme of one or the other. We believe if makeup is joyful and transformative and fun, nobody should be left out.

Our audience (AKA you) is wonderfully unique. And we do everything we can to help you find you the perfect product, offering a variety of brands – and we're committed to provide everything in a reasonable price – so you can be confident that we’ve got the perfect thing for you. We push ourselves to deliver premium products with quality service, and we never settle for second best - you could even say we're our suppliers’ toughest customer.

Founders - Fiza Adnan & Ahmer Khan